Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

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CKDCares Sit Stand Desk with Easy Up & Down Controls, Color: Black

Height adjustment (28"- 45"),  Width adjustment (39"- 60")

ELECTRIC LIFT SYSTEM - Fully Motorized Lift which can be adjusted from 28 to 45 Inches height.

SPACIOUS: Healthy Up and Down Office Desk with a width range of 39"-60" can accommodate multiple desktop sizes. Robust and stable construction - Designed for maximum structural integrity, our frame features double steel tubing that ensures stability even at its highest level.

ADJUSTABLE: Power ergonomic sit stand computer office desk is an electric height adjustable desk. It features a vertical adjustability from 28.7 inch up to 44.8 inch height adjustment. It supports a loading capacity up to 154 lbs (70Kg).

COMFORTABLE: With ample workspace, this standing desk's ergonomic design helps improve back and body posture, reduce back and neck pain, burn calories, and increase productivity. It has a speed adjustment of 0.98-inch per second (25mm/s).