Our Story

CKD Cares is a small, family-run business proudly located in Ontario, Canada. When the COVID-19 pandemic became an unfortunate reality in our world, we recognized the sudden need from our friends, family and communities for health and PPE products. We knew that people needed these supplies and they needed them fast. So we at Ckdpack Inc, a global manufacturer and designer of engineered packaging solutions for automotive products, retooled our production capacities and tapped into our expansive and established global supply chain to immediately source the best-quality health monitoring devices, while also obtaining machinery to produce PPE right here in Mississauga.

We had a feeling that Canadians would appreciate Canadian-made, quality products in such a time of uncertainty - and we were right. Our Made in Canada face masks remain our most sought-after product and we are now an official suppliers of the Ontario and Nunavut governments as well as the municipalities of Peel and Mississauga for PPE. We have also donated 50,000 masks to various organizations within our community. 

Thank you for visiting us today and we hope you enjoy our selection of carefully curated, high-quality products. Your health and wellness is our top priority. Stay safe!