Disposable Beard and Moustache Protector | Made in Canada

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  • ALLERGEN FREE - These beard protector nets are made of top quality non-woven polypropylene, perfect choice for people with latex allergies and sensitive skin.
  • COMFORTABLE - These Beard nets are designed perfectly to fit any facial shape. Easy to slip on. Stays in position using an elastic band. A single elastic band fits over the head and helps it stay in position.
  • BREATHABLE - Heavy duty yet lightweight, soft, and breathable. Ideal for extended usage.
  • ENSURE SAFE AND SANITARY - These beard nets promote food safety and good manufacturing practice. These are the best options in work areas that require hair protection like in the food manufacturing industries, restaurants, home kitchen, healthcare facilities and more.
  • CREATE SANITARY AND SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENTS - Using hair and beard protectors is an easy way to create a more sanitary work environment. These are perfect for work areas where hair protection is encouraged or required. Can be used in restaurants, food production facilities, healthcare facilities and more.