Anarjy Patella Knee Strap Pack Of 2 Adjustable Pain Relief Knee Stabilizer

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Pain Relief & Absorb Shock- Knee Support Holds The Patella Around The Knee And Absorbs The Shocks. Patella Strap Treat Pain In The Knee Cap Area As They Spread Pressure To Take Off Stress From The Painful Patellar Tendon Reduce Symptoms Of Patellar Tendonitis Osgood-Schlatter Disease And Patella Tracking.

Adjustable & Anti Slip-patellar Tendon Strap Can Fit According To Personal Knee Curve, Hook And Loop Straps Provides Great Support And Stay In One Place To Protect Patella While Walking Or Running.

Durable & Lightweight- Knee Braces Made Up Of High Quality Neoprene Material Which Is Lightweight And Durable It Absorb Sweat And Comfortable To Wear Also Doesn't Not Irritates Skin.

Easy To Wear- Patella Knee Brace Single Look Is Adjustable And Easy To Wear In Just Seconds And Pull Off Without Scratching Your Skin.