Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set(Black)

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  • CUPUNCT URISTS & PHYSIOTHE RAPISTS: One of LEADING ACUPUNCT URISTS to create TARGETED SPIKES. Thousands of spikes that have been strategically placed on the acupuncture mat and pillow are harmless and provide healing benefits
  • Shock Absorbing: Our SHOCK- ABSORBIN G inner foam & long- distance fibers take up to 2 minutes to distribute your body weight the lotus mat acupoints for neck support and complete pain relief
  • HOW TO USE: Place the aasana mat on the surface with spikes pointing up. Lie on D'acupression will allow you to target curved areas. In addition, it releases endorphins that block pain by simply laying on the mat daily
  • Reliability: Many acupuncture mats have ROUGH linen covers & filled with coconut fiber, which loses shape & goes rancid. Ours is made with a lightweight, high molecular- weight cover & filled with optimal- density foam
  • EASY TO CARRY: The set includes a bag that makes it easy to carry. Just roll up the acupressure body mat with the pillow and then slide it into the bag