KF94 Respirator Mask (Pack of 10 pcs) | 4 Layers of Protection

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KF94 Respirator Mask with 4-Layer Anti-bacteria protection, Reusable, Adult Size, Unisex, White
4 Layers Filter Function:

1. The first layer is waterproof non-woven can filter industrial pollutants, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke and pollen allergies, etc.
2. The second and third layer is high quality thick melt-blown cloth, its filtration efficiency of microbial particulates can reach 95% under standard conditions.
3. The fourth layer is soft non-woven can absorb the water vapour exhaled by the human body to keep your face dry.

This KF94 Mask has total 4 layers in which 2 mid layers of melt-blown fabric, and it is thicker than others, meets protection standards, and can provide effective protection

Please note that this product is Made in China, and not manufactured by Ckdcares.